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Our Salon Services

Women: $65 and up
Men: $45 and up
Children $35 and up

Wand curls: $35 and up
Wash and style: $65 and up
Roller set: $50 and up
Wet set: $55 and up
Up style/event hair do: $95 and up
Salon bridal trail: $65 and up
Crochet weave: $150 and up
Lock maintenance :$75 and up
Press and curl: $70 and up
Palm roll locks: $65 and up
Comb twist: $65 and up

Full perm: $120 and up
Perm touch-up: $65 and up
Full relaxer: $90 and up
Relaxer and style: $90 and up

Keratin: $150 flat rate
Steam masque: $45 flat rate
Dryer masque: $35 flat rate
Newsha (3 series): $150 flat rate

Partial highlights: $85 and up
Full highlights: $120 and up
Los lights: $85 and up
Balayage: $90 and up

Full I-tips: $100 per hour
Patricia’s – tips: $100 per hour
Clip in per row: $25 per row
Row sew-in: $50 per row
Particularly sew-in weave: $150 and up
Full sew-in weave: $250 and up

Single process: $70 and up
Dual process: $100 and up
Cellophane: $50 flat rate
Ombré: $90 and up
Color correction: upon consultation
Toner :$30 flat rate
Cool touch-up: $65 and up
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